How to choose your French solid soap?


A perfume was the starting point: the perfume of Provence, of its generous and welcoming land, with its intoxicating flowers and its bewitching fragrances. What a delight, the delicate aromas of orange blossom, lavender, verbena, lime, geraniums, when the sun sets to let the moon come in. All this could only end in a sublime creation.
It is this enchanting region that gave birth to one of the most famous treasures of the beautiful French region of Provence, the Marseille soap, a pearl that has only improved over the years.
We can just say: Marseille, your name smells soap.

What is French solid soap or Marseille soap, what ingredients does it contain?

French solid soap is an authentic product, manufactured according to a traditional recipe. Only natural vegetable oils are used in its manufacture, without any fat mixture; it is 100% vegetable oil, which gives it an exceptional quality. The authentic and true French soap must be made with only first cold pressed virgin olive oil. It is therefore an Organic soap.
But sometimes variations are made by mixing three oils: olive oil, for its cleansing power; coconut oil, for its foaming power; and palm oil that protects the hydro-lipid layer of the skin.
To this mixture can be added essential oils of Lavender, Jasmine, Rose, Orange Blossom, but always and only natural products, but we can say that French solid soap is basically an olive oil soap.
French solid soap is used as hand soap, laundry soap and can be purchased in bar soap or more recently as liquid soap. The most refined products will be the Shea butter soap, excellent but not really the real French solid soap.
But the most important is how to choose your French solid soap : it’s quite easy, it must be made in France, in Provence, certified 100% natural and must have a label to certify its authenticity.

French solid soap from Marseille, a bit of history

Already in ancient times, the mixture of oils and ashes with water, and soaps served both curative and cosmetic purposes. It was not until the Middle Ages that soap was used to wash clothes by adding caustic soda to the mixture. However, the soap industry emerged and was improved in Marseille from the 15th century onwards, and from the 16th century onwards, the techniques were refined with the help of professionals from the Mediterranean region. From then on, Marseille soap began to be recognized worldwide and to evolve, especially with the advance of medicine and hygiene. And in 1688, the edict of Colbert governs the manufacture of Marseille solid soap, which uses only virgin olive oil and places the city of Marseille at the head of this industrial activity.

Why buy French solid soap, in bars or cubes?

In the 50's and 70's the most common thing was to buy French solid soap in bars, wrapped in waxed paper with beautiful colors and drawings.
These soaps had the particularity of being simple hand soaps, but others were soaps nourishing, moisturizing and soothing the skin and were almost luxury skin care products.
In some houses they knew the soap base and so making soap at home was very easy, in some houses they added glycerin and fragrance oils, almost always lavender or rose, obtaining a natural soap by hot or cold process. The cold process soap is normally of much better quality.
To make the soap, people generally used soap molds in wood.

Ecological purpose


From an ecological point of view, using French solid soap is better for the environment.
By using a bar soap, which comes wrapped in paper, or not even that, you stop throwing away a bottle of gel, which means a few grams of plastic less for the world's landfills.

Soap consumption is reduced

Yes, that's right, because a bar of soap lasts much, much longer than a bottle of shower gel. So not only will you avoid throwing away a plastic bottle, but more than one, with just one soap bar you buy.

The body receives fewer chemicals

There are soaps and soaps, of course. Some products in this respect give the same as a shower gel. If you opt for traditional soaps, such as French solid soap, or for artisan and organic products, your skin is spared exposure to dyes, artificial perfumes, parabens and preservatives in general. The only additive you can find added to the original recipe will be essential-oils, fragrance oils, goat milk, tea tree, chamomile or salts.
You can also find the funny bath bombs, with their delicious aroma of patchouli or peppermint.

A little travel to la Provence thanks Panier des Sens

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Some contain shea butter, others honey, sweet almond, olive oil etc.
You can also choose one with exfoliating qualities enriched with fine particles of grape seeds and apricot pits.


Having a French solid soap at home means having a real partner in body hygiene on a daily basis. Indeed, its creamy consistency and antiseptic properties produce an excellent lather for unisex shaving. All its ingredients are from vegetable origin, making this product ideal for irritable, dry or very sensitive skin.

By purchasing this soap in our shop Panier des Sens, you are not only ensuring that you have a versatile product at home, but you are also preserving the planet. Its formulation designates it as an effective product of which you will be able to take the best advantage. Moreover, its hypoallergenic character can be used as a detergent to wash the clothes of the children and even as bath soap for the bath of the youngest of the home as it has no additive