The Virtues of the Orange Blossom, the queen of the Provence

Oranges seem to go against the tide. They ripen in the middle of winter. They need the morning frosts to be the richest and sweetest. Their flower, the orange blossom, instead loves the first rays and rains of spring. Read on to learn more about the orange blossom, the mythical flower of the orange tree, one of the most famous trees of the Mediterranean. You will discover a new world of sensations.

What is orange blossom? Let's start at the beginning


Like almost all fruit trees, the orange blossom is a very small flower, a few centimeters in size that opens into four almost pure white petals that are dotted with golden stamens. Although mandarin, citron and lemon trees also sprout a similar flower, orange blossom, in essence, is the flower of the orange tree and the best known and most intoxicating that belongs to the bitter orange trees variety.
But the orange blossom has a hidden treasure inside: its captivating aroma, one of the most seductive of the South. Only jasmine can compete with it, and even the « Aristocrat rose » sometimes lags behind such an exotic perfume. Its sweet perfume is much more rich and intense that the oriental patchouli, the white musk, the cardamom, the vetiver, the orchid or the magnolia. The qualities of the Orange Blossom are infinite, and its aroma is perfect for perfumes and fragrances “pour homme” (for Men) and “pour femme” (for Women), not only perfume for women like many people would think.

A quick look at the Virtues of the Orange Blossom


The sensual orange blossom flower is highly valued both in cooking and in natural medicine, specifically to combat stress and anxiety. It has therapeutic properties so there are many ways in which it can be consumed.
The orange flowers have to be harvested fresh from the orange tree, just opened, and without yellowing. Considering that they are short-lived, scarce and limited, it is best to make orange blossom water, as the tisane can only be enjoyed for a few weeks, better use distilled water to prepare it.
It is a fundamental ingredient for many people in the preparation of infusions and essential oils. It is used in Aromatherapy after a delicate distillation to extract the nectar with its elegant aroma.

But what are the Virtues of the Orange Blossom?

  • If its unisex aroma invites you to the pleasures of relaxed love, the essential oils of the flower help you to soothe the spirit hurt by psychological setbacks, sadness, loneliness and even lovesickness.
    • It is not even necessary to taste the herbal tea; just the smell helps the most depressed mood and helps you to see the hidden beauty in life and nature. That is why it is an essential part of countless commercial perfumes of all kinds.
    • Since ancient times it has been used as a sedative, like linden or poppy, without being hypnotic. Actually, it simply relaxes your mind and body and restful sleep comes naturally.
    • As it has a calming effect, it also serves to alleviate stomach ailments (so closely linked to nervousness) and to soothe upset intestines.
    • There are already studies that support its healing, emollient and soothing properties for the skin. The essential oil of orange blossom is part of various compounds (medicinal or not) both for hygiene and topical treatment.

It is obvious that the Virtues of the Orange Blossom are incredible; its virtues are incredible whether in essential oil, in distilled orange blossom water, in infusions, in perfumes with intense aroma or as an ingredient for cosmetics. Sometimes, it can be associated with other essences like geranium, cinnamon, peppermint, almond, roses, tonka-bean, vanilla or citrus.

Neroli Essential Oil: All its Incredible Properties

Neroli essential oil is produced by steam distillation of the flowers of the bitter orange tree (Citrus aurantium), which is cultivated in the western parts of India, East Africa and the Himalayas. In the 16th century, the Spanish brought the tree to Florida where it prospered to the point that Florida became the world's largest producer of oranges.
The oil was named after the 16th century by the Princess of the Ursinos in Nerola, Italy. She loved the aromatic scent of the orange blossom.

Uses of Neroli essential oil

Most parts of the bitter orange tree are valued for their strong and attractive fragrance. It is extensively used in the perfume and cosmetic production. The essential oil comes from the orange peel, the leaves are used to make petitgrain oil, and the flowers are distilled to make neroli essential oil.
Neroli oil is also widely used in the perfume industry. Not only it’s the perfect complement to other citrus notes, it also acts as a natural fixative that helps maintain the original composition of other oils without losing their true fragrance.

Benefits of orange blossom in cosmetics

At Panier des sens, we have a collection of orange blossom products to complete a beauty and health routine that you will absolutely love.
Our handmade soap with olive oil and orange blossom essence is indicated for the hygiene of all skin types, but especially delicate skins for its soothing qualities, which are complemented by orange blossom water, which moisturizes while toning.
For dry skin, orange blossom water provides great suppleness and resistance, and for oily skin, due to its astringent properties, it helps control excess sebum, keeps pores open and reduces excess shine.
Other benefits of orange blossom water are the neutralization of free radicals, which helps prevent premature skin aging thanks to its antioxidant active ingredients; stimulation of collagen production and cell regeneration.
Your skin will be radiant if your beauty routine ends with a gentle massage with orange blossom essential oil as it stimulates the skin cells to regenerate.

The men can also use that floral aroma in aftershave, shower gel, deodorant or cologne for men. It will be a masculine moment of natural perfume

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Although the trend in our society is towards naturalness, the orange blossom in phytotherapy is still very little known.
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