Scented candle vegetable wax - Fig tree by the sea

Scented candle vegetable wax - Fig tree by the sea
Scented candle vegetable wax - Fig tree by the sea
Scented candle vegetable wax - Fig tree by the sea
Scented candle vegetable wax - Fig tree by the sea
Scented candle vegetable wax - Fig tree by the sea
Scented candle vegetable wax - Fig tree by the sea

Scented candle vegetable wax - Fig tree by the sea

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This Fig Candle has been handcrafted by artisanal wax makers. Its unique fig fragrance with green and gourmand notes is the fruit of a year's work by our master perfumer in Grasse. It will scent your home for almost 50 hours, thanks to the unique blend of 100% vegetable waxes used in this candle.

✔️ 100% natural wax and wick
✔️ Vegan candle
✔️ Large scented candle size 0.61 lb
✔️ Handcrafted
✔️ Long-lasting scented candle +/- 50h

Inside the product

A unique fig fragrance

The result of a year's work, the unique scent of this fig scented candle was created by our master perfumer in Grasse. Let yourself be captivated by the intense scent of a fig bathed in sunshine. Its sweet, green and gourmand notes will plunge you into the heart of a Mediterranean garden.

Top notes: Fig blossom

Heart notes: Fig, Hawthorn

Base notes: Cedar, White Musk

To ensure that our master perfumer's olfactory creation is perfectly reproduced in this scented candle, we have developed a unique blend of 100% vegetable waxes combined with a 100% cotton natural wick.

A hand-crafted candle

The result of more than 160 years of expertise, this fig and fig blossom scented candle has been formulated, crafted and packaged by hand by artisan waxmakers.

The wax in this scented candle is 100% vegetable, made from a blend of sunflower and soy wax, and contains no kerosene. This unique blend enables us to certify our candles as Vegan, while also allowing them to diffuse their fragrance more effectively. Finally, the 100% natural cotton wick ensures good combustion throughout the candle's life.

The Fig Home Fragrance Collection (scented candle, home fragrance and diffuser) is designed to be seen. From the elegance of the glass containers to the gilding on the labels, no detail has been overlooked to make them true decorative objects for the living room or living areas of your home.

This scented candle with its dreamy motifs embodies a joyful, elegant and colorful Provence. The colorful engravings of figs are affixed to a 100% cotton paper label with a "fabric" feel for better color reproduction, all little details that make this decorative candle as pleasing to smell as it is to look at.

WELL-BEING, ART OF LIVING & SENSORIALITY are the key words of this home fragrance range, which revisits the great olfactory families of perfumery through simple yet refined accords.

An olfactory journey to the heart of Mediterranean gardens through eco-designed, natural products.

This Fig Candle illustrates PANIER DES SENS 's commitment to sustainable development:


Handcrafted and packaged by skilled wax artisans, this Fig Candle is the fruit of 160 years of artisanal expertise. From the unique blend of vegetable waxes to the intense scent created after hundreds of tests, we've paid close attention to every detail to make this Bougie Figue the perfect touch for your home.


The unique fragrance of this Fig candle was created by our master perfumer in Grasse, the cradle of Haute Parfumerie and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Designed around exceptional natural raw materials, they are exclusive to each of our products. With this scented candle, you'll discover an intense, sunny fragrance of fig blossom and fig.


Our formulas contain no ingredients of animal origin, and exclude all animal testing. From the blending of 100% vegetable waxes to the formulation of our fragrances, this candle is "Certified Vegan".          


This minimal packaging is fully recyclable. For a more sustainable future, our aim is always to reduce waste, reuse and recycle. Its case and reinforced wedge are made from FSC-certified paper from sustainably managed forests. Its glass is reusable: give it a second life! Pencil pot, brush pot or vase, the choice is yours.

To diffuse all the scents of the Fig Candle, here are a few tips for use: 

Lighting the candle. 

Before lighting your scented candle, place it on a heat-resistant surface. Make sure the wick is straight, then light it with a lighter or match.

How to make the candle last longer. 

With every use, let the candle burn for at least 3 to 4 hours. This will melt the surface wax and prevent a sinkhole from forming around the wick.
To avoid burns and black marks, never let the wick burn against the edge of the candle.
The wick should always be straight so that the wax can melt evenly. 

Extinguishing a candle. 

To snuff out your candle, dip the wick into the hot wax using a small instrument. Straighten it out before the wax has a chance to solidify.<br>Do not blow on the candle.<br>Before each use, it is best to trim 5 mm from the wick encourage an optimal burn. 

Will the candle’s glass container get hot? 

Like any combustion-producing candle, the glass container will get hot after several hours of use.
There is no risk for the surface or piece of furniture on which your candle is placed. We do recommend waiting for the candle to cool before moving it and keeping it out of the reach of children and pets. 



May cause an allergic skin reaction. Harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects.


Dispose of contents/container in an appropriate location.  If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. Keep out of the reach of children Read label before use. IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of water. If eye irritation or a rash occurs: Get medical advice/attention.

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